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Fluid Management Systems: To ensure our customers can millout and cleanout long laterals in an efficient and economical way, we have developed a unique system for managing the composition and state of the workover fluids in real time.

To get optimum solids transport and safely minimize the number of wiper trips required, the ECWS engineering team creates a Coil Tubing Job Program in concert with our experienced field personnel. This well-specific program and real time field execution create ideal flow while allowing lower well treatment pressures.

Our commitment to customer service ensures the entire job scope is covered - from programming to execution to post-job wrap up. Our process management and technical expertise allow real-time decisions to be made and communicated to all stakeholders.


    • Fluid Rheology System
    • A fluid pumper and a chemical van provide real time monitoring and optimizing of fluid rheology by determining the Reynolds number to maintain an ideal flow regime. The benefits include: reduced cycle meters with fewer wiper trips, optimization of chemical consumption and reduced operating hours.

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    • Advanced Fluid Simulation
    • ECWS provides superior tubing force analysis and accurate modeling for solids transport analysis, optimized post frac cleanout, friction losses, rheologies, dual-phase flow correlations, completions flow back, H2S inhibitor requirements, reverse circulation, abrasive perforation analysis and more.

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