Service Rigs

Essential Well Service operates its service rigs from eight locations across western Canada. Service rigs are used to repair, re-complete and stimulate existing oil and natural gas wells and perform completion work on new wells. They are typically operated by a crew of four or five experienced workers and include a pump and tank as well as blow out preventers and support equipment. Supplementary equipment such as pipe racks, boilers, light plants, matting, and accumulators for class III BOP operation are available.

All rigs are operated in a safe, cost effective and environmentally responsible manner, maintain COR certifications and are members of the CAODC. Several rigs are equipped with 42 10 draw works and 40 inch Kobelt disc brakes to handle the depth of horizontal wells. 5 × 5 fluid pumps also provide more output volume for better circulation on horizontal wells.



Types of Rigs:


    Our People:

    Travis Stahl
    Director, Essential Well Service

    Mr. Stahl has worked in the oilfield services industry since 1991.

    Single Service Rigs

    • Pulls one joint at a time and can stand in the racking platform
    • Typically smaller, lighter and can work year around
    • Typically used on wells up to 2,500 m in depth

    Double Service Rigs

    • Pulls and can stand two joints of pipe at a time
    • Built heavier with higher work-load capacities to accommodate deeper, heavier strings of pipe
    • Typically used on wells deeper than 2,500 m

    SAGD In-Situ Rig

    • Operate in Northern Alberta
    • Essential pulls together rental packages to accommodate the needs of SAGD well operations
    • All SAGD capable rigs are free standing
    • Full size catwalks and stairs on both driller and off driller side of rig up to rig floor
    • 8 ton knuckle picker

    Service Rig Equipment List